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BPA, the CEI Podcast, and the Regulation of the Day

Daily Update


BPA, the CEI Podcast, and the Regulation of the Day

Today in the News


Jon Entine has a column in the Huffington Post explaining why The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is facing ethics questions over their handling of the Bisphenol A (BPA) issue.

Director of Risk and Environmental Policy Angela Logomasini released a study recently on BPA's safety.

"Anti-BPA legislation is based on environmental activists’ wrongheaded claims that BPA poses an unreasonable risk to human health—specifically to children—but the overwhelming body of research suggests otherwise. Unfortunately, as more of these misguided bans succeed, policymakers are likely to begin targeting BPA use in all types of food packaging, as several bills already introduced in Congress do."


CEI Podcast

In the most recent CEI Podcast, Transportation and Land-use Policy Analyst Marc Scribner talks about China's experience with high-speed rail.

Listen here.


Regulation of the Day

Fellow in Regulatory Studies Ryan Young blogs another "Regulation of the Day":

"In Hopewell Township, New Jersey, chickens are only allowed to mate on 10 pre-selected days per year. And that isn’t the only law that poultry must follow. They must be disease-free in order to mate. There are to be no more than six hens per half-acre lot. And roosters must keep their crowing in check — violating Hopewell’s strict crowing regulations means a two-year banishment from the property they disturbed."