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CEI Today: Auto bailout myths, coal-fired power plants, and the $1.8 tril regulatory burden

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CEI Today: Auto bailout myths, coal-fired power plants, and the $1.8 tril regulatory burden

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AUTO BAILOUT MYTH - HANS BADER Mother Nature And Good Luck, Not Big Government, Saved General Motors… For Now

There are lots of claims that the federal government saved the American auto industry by bailing it out. (Never mind Ford didn’t get a bailout, and “foreign” companies such as Honda and Toyota make many of their cars in America.)

General Motors never would have recovered as it did if not for the massive Japanese earthquake and Tsunami that devastated its rivals, such as Toyota.


LOSS OF COAL POWERED PLANTS - WILLIAM YEATMAN WaPo’s Wonkblog Mimics Mistake by Grist Blogger

Brattle Group analysts estimate how many coal-fired power plants will retire rather than install expensive-yet-pointless regulations imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency.

In fact, these retirements are derivative of a decision faced by individual coal power plant operators across the country: Whether to install hundreds of millions–even billions–of unnecessary capital cost



The Washington Times: Regulations and rules equal broken government

When President Obama and Mitt Romney are jousting about taxes during their ... debate, one or both candidates might correctly point out that the Constitution explicitly forbids taxation without representation. They would do well to also point out that it guarantees against regulation without representation.

A Competitive Enterprise Institute working paper, “Tip of the Costberg: On the Invalidity of All Cost of Regulation Estimates and the Need to Compile Them Anyway,” assembles total federal regulatory costs of $1.8 trillion — equivalent to half the federal budget (