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CEI Today: Carbon tax folly, labor union v. Hostess Twinkies, and the war on coal

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CEI Today: Carbon tax folly, labor union v. Hostess Twinkies, and the war on coal

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Orange County Register: New carbon tax would be folly

A proposed carbon tax is actually about finding a new, massive and ultimately expanding revenue source, an ATM machine, a European-style revenue gusher to fund a European-style government.

When the carbon tax's proponents can acknowledge these things, or demonstrate that they are not true, we can have a useful debate over their new energy tax.


UNION v. HOSTESS TWINKIES - CRISSY BROWN Union Strike-Showdown Could End In Hostess Shutdown

They are messing with our Twinkies.

Upset over cuts to pensions and salaries brought on by a new collective bargaining contract, employees of Hostess, which makes Twinkies, Wonder Bread and other iconic snacks, are on strike. The workers, members of Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM), walked out Nov. 9 to send the message recent changes to their compensation package are “outrageous.”



Forbes: Why You Should Care That Courts Overturn EPA's Carbon Pollution Standard

The 2012 elections ensure that President Obama’s “war on coal” will continue for at least two more years. The administration’s preferred M.O. has been for the EPA to “enact” anti-coal policies that Congress would reject if such measures were introduced as legislation and put to a vote.

Consequently, defenders of free-market energy are stuck playing defense and their main weapon now is litigation. This is a hard slog because courts usually defer to agency interpretations of the statutes they administer. But sometimes petitioners win. > View the article on