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CEI Today: Obamacare lawsuit, Barone on passenger rail regs, and nanny state attack on donuts

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CEI Today: Obamacare lawsuit, Barone on passenger rail regs, and nanny state attack on donuts

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Plaintiffs in Obamacare Suit File Motion for Summary Judgment

The individuals and small business owners who are suing the federal government over a major IRS regulation imposed under the Affordable Care Act filed a motion for summary judgment in the case.

The regulation extends Obamacare’s employer mandate to the “refusenik” states that have decided against setting up their own insurance exchanges. The Competitive Enterprise Institute is assisting in the coordination and funding of the lawsuit. Sam Kazman, general counsel at CEI, explained, "As the summary judgment motion makes clear, the IRS rule is illegal, period. It is an unauthorized attempt by the agency to override the decisions of 34 states to stay out of the Obamacare insurance exchange program and to avoid the huge burdens of the employer mandate.



Michael Barone: Government regs hurt passenger rail

That’s the message of this paper from the Competitive Enterprise Institute. The writers point out the American safety regulators require passenger rail cars to be much heavier than European regulators do. But over the years, they say, the European cars have proved just as safe, and perhaps more so. >



Fox News: On National Donut Day, eat a donut and strike a blow for liberty

What do donuts have to do with liberty, you might ask? Plenty.

Government today has crept into most areas of our lives and is rampaging into the rest. It’s no longer just the Nanny State; it’s Niagara, overwhelming and seemingly unstoppable. We have the White House nagging us to eat this and not eat that; FDA slapping warning labels on everything in sight; EPA declaring that every breath we take poisons the climate; and the Department of Energy pushing incandescent lights bulbs into contraband status.