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CEI Today: Pension bailouts, court ruling on EPA regs, and a RAISE Act defeat

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CEI Today: Pension bailouts, court ruling on EPA regs, and a RAISE Act defeat

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PENSION BAILOUT IN HIGHWAY BILL - IVAN OSORIO Highway Bill Would Continue Pension Underfunding Shell Game

The Highway Bill threatens to make a bad problem worse. Section 40312 of the Highway Bill — which amends the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), the law that regulates private sector pensions — would further remove pension investment return projections even further from reality, by expanding the range of allowable projection figures so broadly as to make them meaningless.


COURT RULING ON EPA GREENHOUSE GAS REGS - MARLO LEWIS Reflections on the D.C. Circuit Court GHG Decision

With the case law on GHG regulation hopelessly botched by the Supreme Court, only Congress can rein in the EPA — and only if there is a change of management in the White House and the Senate in November.



Washington Examiner: Why unions don't want workers to earn more

During the recent debate on the farm bill, the Senate voted down an amendment that would allow unionized employers to give workers raises based on merit. The amendment, called the Rewarding Achievement and Incentivizing Successful Employees Act, eliminates the federally mandated ceiling on the union wages for nearly 8 million workers.


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