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CEI Today: Politico wrong on EPA, Dodd-Frank anniversary, and Detroit bankruptcy

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CEI Today: Politico wrong on EPA, Dodd-Frank anniversary, and Detroit bankruptcy

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Politico Gets It Wrong on EPA Waivers - CHRIS HORNER

Horner on Politico Story: ‘When the law is inconvenient, pretend it’s something else’

The Competitive Enterprise Institute responded today to a story published by Politico, which takes issue with an earlier CEI review of documents produced after CEI filed suit under the Freedom of Information Act. Politico changed the parameters of the inquiry in material ways - dispensing with legal distinctions not-so-easily walked away from when applying the law as reporting on it.


DODD-FRANK ANNIVERSARY - JOHN BERLAU On Dodd-Frank’s 3rd Anniversary, “North Star” is Further Out of Reach

In his weekly radio address, the president also hailed the confirmation of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray, which occurred last week after Senate Republicans caved to Majority Leader Harry Reid’s “nuclear option” threat to end the filibuster.

Dodd-Frank has declared certain large financial institutions to be “Systemically Important Financial Institutions,” enshrining too-big-to-fail in law. And the volumes of regulations emanating from the law’s 2,500-plus pages have harmed community banks, credit unions, small businesses, farms and manufacturers that had nothing to do with the crisis.



CBN News: Detroit Officials Defend Bankruptcy Decision

Is the bankruptcy filing a good thing for Detroit? Bill Frezza, a Boston based venture capitalist and fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, talks about this and more, on CBN's Newswatch, July 22.