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CEI Today: Presidential debate - economy, Dodd-Frank, energy policy, immigration

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CEI Today: Presidential debate - economy, Dodd-Frank, energy policy, immigration

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Winning the Presidential Debate with Regulation

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Yes, Coal Is Dying, and Yes, EPA Is the Main Culprit

Yes, America, There Is a War on Coal

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Should the GOP Champion Climate Change as a National Security Issue?



With the Economy Sputtering, Obama Must Allow High-Skilled Immigrants

Farms Need Workers, Not Subsidies

Diverse GOP Voices Emphasize Immigrant Contributions

How Restricted Borders Replaced Free Migration

President’s Deportation Order Is Legal

Horner Book: Gore’s green money machine So, Al Gore came to do good and ended up doing really, really well, according to the Washington Post. That’s actually not unique for Washington, except possibly as a matter of scale: Gore went from being worth $2 million when leaving office to about $100 million now. Gore, of course, “invested” in or otherwise found profitable arrangements with many companies whose financing mostly comes courtesy of the taxpayer, either directly, or indirectly in that private money flocks to that which politicians wed themselves to — the “halo effect” — on the knowledge that once the spigot opens it is difficult to turn off for fear of having a taxpayer-funded flop on their hands. I couldn’t help but be reminded, by this story, of the personnel executing these programs for President Obama, he of the $90 billion in “green energy” money squandered on boondoggles whose own owners’ sales pitch for the dough was unless you give me this money, I won’t exist.

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