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CEI Today: Windsorgate, gov't Sunshine Week, cell phone unlocking, and more

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CEI Today: Windsorgate, gov't Sunshine Week, cell phone unlocking, and more

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WINDSORGATE - Chris Horner Administration Continues to Hide McCarthy Communications

All Messages from President’s Choice to Succeed ‘Richard Windsor’ Are Redacted

WASHINGTON, D.C., Mar. 16, 2013 –Since January, the Environmental Protection Agency has provided about 6,000 emails to the Competitive Enterprise Institute as part of a court-ordered plan to comply with Freedom of Information Act requests. Remarkably absent are what should be the dominant class of records covered by our request seeking records: Gina McCarthy discussing her biggest assignment, the Obama administration's "war on coal."


GOV'T "SUNSHINE WEEK" - MYRON EBELL Obama Administration Casts a Shadow on Sunshine Week

President Obama after all promised in the 2008 presidential campaign that his administration would be the most transparent in history. It hasn’t quite worked out that way.



Tech Liberation: 3 Cell Phone Unlocking Bills Introduced—What Would They Accomplish?

If you buy a new cell phone from a U.S. wireless carrier and sign a multi-year service contract, chances are your phone is “locked” to your carrier. This means if you want to switch carriers, you’ll first need to unlock your phone. Your original carrier may well be happy to lend you a helping hand—but, if not, unlocking your phone may violate federal law.

In the past couple weeks, three bills addressing the legality of cell phone unlocking have been introduced in the Senate.