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Condom Mandates and Operation Fast and Furious

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Condom Mandates and Operation Fast and Furious

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Condom Mandates

A porn actor tested positive for HIV in LA this week, effectively shutting down the industry for testing.

Policy Analyst Michelle Minton comments.

"The rate of HIV infection among the general population from my unscientific analysis, is roughly comparable, if not greater — than it is among the licensed adult film actors working in California. According to CDC data from 2009 (the most recent available) there were 48,100 new cases. If there are 305 million people living in the US, that means that about 0.0016 percent of the popoulation contracted HIV in 2009. While the numbers for adult film actors are tougher to nail down, we can use the data provided by the Adult Industry Medical Center (AIM), which serviced most of the licensed adult actors in the L.A. area and was required by law to report any positive cases of HIV to the to L.A. County Health Department within seven days. According to AIM’s reports, there have been only a handful of HIV infections in the adult entertainment community in the last decade."


Operation Fast and Furious

The controversial Operation Fast and Furious has resulted in several resignations, including that of the acting head of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Bureau.

Senior Counsel Hans Bader comments.

"The officials who recently resigned were 'scapegoats' for higher-ups in the Obama administration who had more culpability than the officials who resigned, argues Jim Kouri, formerly with the National Association of Chiefs of Police. Others have reached the same conclusion."