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Corn & Global Warming, NLRB in Court, and Real Immigration Stats

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Corn & Global Warming, NLRB in Court, and Real Immigration Stats

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In yet another victory for workers and job creators, a federal district court has struck down the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) ambush election rule. The ruling is the latest in a series of cases where the courts have overturned the NLRB. This time U.S. District Judge James Boasberg threw out the NLRB’s rule because the board rushed through the rule without the requisite three member quorum.


CORN & GLOBAL WARMING - MARLO LEWIS ♫ Corn Is Busting Out All Over ♫ (Update on Global Warming and the Death of Corn)

About a year ago on this blog, I offered some skeptical commentary about the gloomy testimony of Dr. Christopher Field of the Carnegie Institution for Science, who warned the House Energy & Commerce Committee that global warming would inflict major losses on U.S. corn crop production unless scientists develop varieties with improved heat resistence.

Well, this just in, courtesy of the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA): USDA projects the U.S. corn crop for 2012 to reach 14.79 billion bushels, the biggest ever. The numbers are mighty impressive and indicate that, in this decade at least, U.S. corn farmers are more than a match for climate change.


IMMIGRATION - DAVID BIER The Flawed Case Against Immigration

Not only does the anti-immigration crowd not seem to care about unfunded mandates or amnesty when those suit their purposes, their claims that are trying to costs welfare are also dubious. Since Arizona's SB 1070 actually criminalizes work, or looking for work, even looking like you're looking for work in "a place where unlawfully present aliens are known to congregate," the law's actual effect is to create more destitute and needy families who might use public benefits. Of course, this may be the point--at least to bolster their flimsy case against immigration.