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Economic Freedom, Alcohol Regulation Roundup, and the CEI Podcast

Daily Update


Economic Freedom, Alcohol Regulation Roundup, and the CEI Podcast


Economic Freedom

The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal have released their Index of Economic Freedom, and America's economic freedom has declined, according to the index.

Policy Analyst Ivan Osorio comments.

"We are stuck in a regulatory recession. Getting out of it will require pushing up our economic freedom ranking. Unfortunately, the current administration shows no intention of doing that. As Wayne also likes to say, you don’t need to teach the grass to grow; you just need to take the rocks off of it."

Alcohol Regulation Roundup

Policy Analyst Michelle Minton presents an "Alcohol Regulation Roundup."

"The Lone Star State wins the prize for most exciting story: A district court judge ruled in favor of the brewery Jester King, which alleged that several laws of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) violated their constitutional rights. The judge said that the TABC would no longer be allowed to prohibit brewers from telling customers where their products are sold, may not require brewers to label products by their definition of 'beer' and 'ale,' and may not prohibit the advertisement of the strength of the drink by prohibiting descriptive words like 'strong' as in 'strong ale.' Congrats and thanks to Jester King! "

CEI Podcast

Ryan Young interviews Immigration Policy Analyst Alex Nowrasteh in the latest episode of the CEI Podcast.

Listen here.