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EPA Endangerment, FDA Regulation, and Alternative Fuels

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EPA Endangerment, FDA Regulation, and Alternative Fuels

Today in the News

FDA DRUG REGULATION - GREG CONKO FDA's Qnexa Decision and the Value of Benefit/Risk Analysis

In a surprise move, the Food and Drug Administration's Endocrinologic and Metabolic Drugs Advisory Committee on Wednesday voted 20 to 2 in favor of recommending approval of the obesity drug Qnexa. If the agency accepts that recommendation and ultimately approves Qnexa, it would become the first new obesity treatment in over a decade. Just a year and a half ago, however, the same committee (though with a slightly different composition) voted 10 to 6 against approving the same drug. What changed their minds?



Commentary on Endangerment Finding

This week, a three-judge panel of the federal appeals court in Washington will hear oral arguments in a set of cases seeking to overturn EPA’s regulations on greenhouse gas emissions. CEI legal and policy experts explain why over-turning the EPA is a constitutional imperative.  


ALTERNATIVE FUEL - CHRISTOPHER HORNER Algae: Forever the Fuel of the Future

I’m still thinking about this algae thing, having been on the road when the hilarity ensued. As I understand it, we’re talking about algae because those stupid Republicans keep saying we should produce more oil domestically if we want to lower the price, since we have so darned much of it. And the President responded, that’s stupid because it won’t be here tomorrow. We instead should “invest in” algae (see, “invest in” Solyndra, “invest in” Beacon Power, “invest in Ener1″…need I continue?). Because algae will be here…um…well, don’t be a cynic.



Saturday, March 31 HAH is an annual event to recognize and celebrate human achievement and innovation. During the hour, participants are asked to listen to music, surf the internet, have a glass of beer, and generally enjoy the fruits of the human mind which would not have been possible in a world where conservation restrains advancement. HAH can be celebrated anywhere from 8:30pm to 9:30pm. In addition, CEI will be hosting a celebration at our headquarters in Washington, DC and live streaming our event online.