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Fighting cap-n-tax again, $14 billion in gov't waste, and TSA body scanners

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Fighting cap-n-tax again, $14 billion in gov't waste, and TSA body scanners

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CARBON TAX...AGAIN?! - MARLO LEWIS More on the Carbon Tax Cabal

Concerning the “Price Carbon Campaign/Lame Duck Initiative” meeting of center-right and ‘progressive’ pols, wonks, and activists yesterday at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), herewith a few additional thoughts.

Today’s Greenwire quotes AEI economic policy director Kevin Hassett saying that AEI was just playing host and the meeting was just information sharing. Well, okay, let’s assume he experienced it that way, but what about the ‘progressives’ who set the agenda? They must really be into sharing, because this was their fifth meeting. Whatever the AEI folks thought the event was about, the agenda clearly outlines a strategy meeting to develop the PR/legislative campaign to promote and enact carbon taxes. > View the full commentary on


GOV'T WASTE - HANS BADER $14 Billion More in Improper Government Payments

As CNN notes, federal and state governments overpaid unemployment benefits by $14 billion in 2011 — or approximately 11 percent of all benefits paid. The overpaid benefits went mostly to ineligible people, like those who had dropped out of the job hunt, quit voluntarily, or filed unemployment claims after returning to work. Not only was there fraud on a vast scale, but governments completely failed to detect it. Indiana made more “improper payments” than proper ones. The only federal program with more improper payments than unemployment insurance was the School Lunch Program.


TSA FULL-BODY IMAGING - MARC SCRIBNER Sign A Petition Requiring The Transportation Security Administration To Follow The Law!

Over at the White House’s “We the People” site, a petition rapidly gathering signatures that demands that the Transportation Security Administration abide by a court order from last year requiring it to open a notice-and-comment rulemaking on the full-body imaging machines now commonplace in American airports.


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