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Gift clauses, global warming & the weather, and Google anti-trust

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Gift clauses, global warming & the weather, and Google anti-trust

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Providence Journal: 38 Studios and the 'gift clause'

Rhode Island policy makers, as well as those of other states, have an opportunity to put an end to this abuse of taxpayer money to benefit private interests. If the state were to actually abide by its gift clause, taxpayers would be free to choose whether they want to subsidize the 300 plus private companies or back the $357 million in moral obligation bonds they currently support. This would reinstate fair competition for all Rhode Island businesses and create an environment where businesses are rewarded for their quality rather than their connections. Ultimately, that would benefit all residents of the state.



Fox News - Scientists blaming wicked weather on 'global warming' -Is that really the reason?



GOOGLE ANTITRUST - LUCA GATTONI-CELLI Google, Antitrust Antagonism, Patent Trolling, and Joseph Schumpeter

Google has been in the news lately for all the right reasons, but also some wrong ones. The FTC is investigating its use of patents held by Motorola Mobility, recently acquired in a deal thought by many to be as much about intellectual property as hardware expertise. The European Union has also fined Google on antitrust grounds, claiming that it unfairly leverages its dominance of online search to serve its promote its own content. This is not the first time the technology, advertising, and media giant has faced pressure from regulators.


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