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Google makes second attempt to comply with order in patent case against Oracle

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Google makes second attempt to comply with order in patent case against Oracle

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Real Clear Policy: Green Calls for BPA Bans Are Dangerous

This past July the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned the use of the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) to make baby bottles and sippy cups. Environmental activists would like you to believe the move was designed to protect public health and that more bans are necessary. But the greens are wrong on both counts -- and their advice could imperil public health.


PICKENS DONE WITH LOBBYING - MARLO LEWIS Pickens Plan – Well and Truly Dead?

At a luncheon hosted by Politico at the GOP convention in Tampa today, T. Boone Pickens said truck fleets will switch from diesel to natural gas without Congress approving the NAT GAS Act, legislation offering generous tax credits for the purchase of natural gas trucks (up to $64,000 per vehicle) and installation of natural gas fueling infrastructure. Pickens reportedly spent about $100 million over the past five years promoting his energy agenda, commonly known as the Pickens Plan.



Real Clear Policy: Congress Should Create a Repeal Committee

When Congress passes a highly unpopular bill that forces people to buy products from private businesses, and then the Supreme Court upholds it, something needs to change. That’s because the health care bill is part of an even bigger problem: the very rules of the political game.

Congress loves to pass new laws—more than 100 in most years. These give members something to write home about to impress voters. But they’re not too crazy about getting rid of old laws. In addition to insurance mandates, the federal books are overflowing with obsolete and antiquated statutes. To clear out this dead wood, Congress should create a new committee: the Committee on Repeals.