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Government Waste, Environmentalism and Rural America, and Union PACs

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Government Waste, Environmentalism and Rural America, and Union PACs

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GOV'T WASTE - WAYNE CREWS Tuesday testimony before the House Water & Power Subcommittee, on Reauthorization of the Water Desalination Act of 2011

Occasionally the problem confronting research isn’t market failure but the failure to have markets. “Doing something” about legitimate water needs is not the same as spending money and initiating research and education. When linking research to human needs and promoting infrastructure, capital markets trump the legislative process — or if not, policy should shift to ensure that they can.

Interestingly, the dollars allocated in the various federal desalination acts over the decades seems to total perhaps a few billion. But removing barriers to private researchand manufacturing could yield far greater gains than relying upon appropriations that invite rent-seeking and that may threaten safety improvements.



AFPcalifornia: Environmentalist War on Rural America (VIDEO)

Myron Ebell, Director of Global Warming and International Environmental Policy at the Competetive Enterprise Institute shares some common sense on how radical environmental policy infringes on property rights and harms California's rural agriculture communities.

On the urban bi-coastal elite: "These are people who have very little connection for digging stuff up, making stuff or growing stuff."


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