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Green Chemistry and a Secret Farm Bill

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Green Chemistry and a Secret Farm Bill

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Green Chemistry

Anti-Chemical groups are pushing "green chemistry" reforms on industry.

Senior Fellow Angela Logomasini and Contributing Scholar Daniel J. Murphy explain why these groups are wrong in a new study, "Green Chemistry's March of the Ostriches."

Read the study here.


Farm Bill

Some outlets are reporting that a "secret Farm Bill" will be announced by the super committee.

Research Associate Daniel Rivera Greenwood comments.

"Legislators are using the secrecy and lack of accountability present in super committee deliberations and adding legislation beneficial only to narrow sectors of the economy. In the farm bill’s case, the super committee asked members of the Agriculture Committee to come up with $23 billion in cuts by November 1, and although the deadline has passed, the Agriculture Committee is still working on the proposal. Beyond these details, information is difficult to obtain."