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Internet Access, the CEI Podcast, and Lessons in Entrepreneurship

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Internet Access, the CEI Podcast, and Lessons in Entrepreneurship

Today in the News

Internet Access

Progressives like Rep. Doris Matsui (D-Calif.) argue that internet acess is a human right. Matsui has proposed legislation to provide internet access to low-income families.

Research Associate Luke Pelican points out the problems with this way of thinking.

"No doubt Internet access offers a great many benefits, but there are many problems with this claim. Aside from the theoretical question of whether any consumer product can be a 'right,' there is no evidence that government subsidization is the best means to ensure wider access. Matsui’s website reports that as of 2010, '28 million Americans do not subscribe to broadband services because of affordability barriers.' This does not take into account accessibility barriers. If Internet access is a right, then why isn’t the government subsidizing computers and smart phones for these Americans as well?"


CEI Podcast

In the latest CEI Podcast, Lee Doren explains why ATMs do not "kill jobs," contrary to the claims of President Obama.

Listen here.


Lessons in Entrepreneurship

Montgomery County recently shut down a lemonade stand run by children, who planned to donate the proceeds to charity.

Fellow in Regulatory Studies Ryan Young comments.

"It’s good that these children are learning about entrepreneurship and running a business at such a young age. One worries, though, about the lessons Montgomery County is teaching them."