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Internet kill switch, TSA body scanners, and an anti-competitive attack on dietitians

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Internet kill switch, TSA body scanners, and an anti-competitive attack on dietitians

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CNBC Closing Bell: President Obama's New Internet Power 11 Jul 2012

President Obama signed an executive order, which gives him power to take control over the web during security emergencies. William Daly, Control Risks Group, explains why he thinks this is a good idea, and Ryan Radia, Competitive Enterprise Institute, discusses why he disagrees.

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TSA FULL-BODY IMAGING - MARC SCRIBNER Sign A Petition Requiring The Transportation Security Administration To Follow The Law!

Over at the White House’s “We the People” site, a petition rapidly gathering signatures that demands that the Transportation Security Administration abide by a court order from last year requiring it to open a notice-and-comment rulemaking on the full-body imaging machines now commonplace in American airports.


ANTI-COMPETITIVE POLICIES - MICHELLE MINTON Dietitian Licensing Board Attempts To Limit Free Speech, Silence Bloggers

Have you ever given someone advice on how to lose weight through dietary changes? Have you ever recommended that certain foods could be consumed or avoided to aid in sleep, stress, or intestinal issues? Well then, according to the North Carolina Board of Dietetics and Nutrition, you should be thrown in jail for up to a month and a half. Now, newly leaked documents prove what many suspected from the beginning: the effort to silence unlicensed dietitians and online bloggers giving nutritional advice is all about eliminating competition for the Board of Dietetics’ licensed members.

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