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Labor, Boeing, and a Regulation Roundup

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Labor, Boeing, and a Regulation Roundup

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The Occupy Movement claims to speak for common workers---but many unions have rejected their efforts to sway labor policies.

Policy Analyst Marc Scribner comments.

"Jeff Smith, president of ILWU Local 8 in Portland, told the Portland Tribune that his members will not honor the Occupiers’ picket lines: 'This is a third-party strike. We have to go to work.' There has been some internal dissent within the ranks of the Occupy movement, but the realization that they will be actively fighting against the very people they claim to support does not yet appear to be widespread."



The NLRB has dropped its case against Boeing.

Policy Analyst Ivan Osorio comments.

"While the NLRB’s announcement today is good news for Boeing workers in South Carolina who saw their jobs threatened, this case should never have gotten as far as it did. By agreeing to pursue the IAM’s complaint over the South Carolina plant, the NLRB set a destructive precedent. The Board functioned as a negotiating weapon for the union to pressure the employer, over a matter on which labor law has no bearing: where to locate."


Regulation Roundup

Fellow in Regulatory Studies Ryan Young presents a "Regulation Roundup."

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