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Online Gambling and Alcohol Regulation Roundup

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Online Gambling and Alcohol Regulation Roundup

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Online Gambling

The Anne Arundel County Police Department recently celebrated their reward for assisting a federal seizure of illegal gambling funds.

Policy Analyst Brian McGraw explains what happened.

"The gist of the story is that the police force set up their own online payment processor and processed payments for internet gambling sites as if they were a real legitimate business. The federal government used this evidence to seize funds belonging to those companies. [...] Apologies to the Americans who won’t be receiving the money they deposited via a fake business the government set up, but fear not as they’re going to be buying lots of shiny new police toys with your money. This is yet another way in which horrid police activity fuels itself (much more about that here). The police received monetary rewards for disrupting the lives of innocent people and are using that money to buy fancy new equipment which they will use to harass even more private American citizens engaged in activities that some bureaucrat finds distasteful."


Alcohol Regulation Roundup

Policy Analyst Michelle Minton talks about the latest changed in alcohol regulations around the country.