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Plan B and the CEI Podcast

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Plan B and the CEI Podcast

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Plan B

Though the FDA believes that Plan B is safe to sell to underage women without prescriptions, HHS overruled them.

Senior Fellow Greg Conko comments.

"I don’t have access to the scientific research that the FDA considered in making its decision, so I can’t comment on the wisdom of either choice. And no one should be so naïve to think that potentially controversial decisions by scientific agencies, including the FDA, have not been subject to political pressures for as long as agencies have been making such decisions. After all, back in 2003, an FDA advisory panel recommended changing Plan B’s status from prescription only to over-the-counter. And it was widely believed that the decision was being held up by the White House, which only relented three years later when faced with Senate opposition to the administration’s new FDA Commissioner nominee."


CEI Podcast

In the new CEI Podcast, Vice President for Policy Wayne Crews talks about the House's vote to pass the REINS Act.

Listen here.