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Salt, Big Labor, and the CEI Podcast

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Salt, Big Labor, and the CEI Podcast

Today in the News


Several studies this year have countered widespread beliefs that salt consumption has severe health consequences.

Senior Fellow Greg Conko comments.

"For years, we at CEI have been pointing out that the belief that sodium consumption in the United States has reached extreme and unhealthy levels is mistaken. And, as more and more high-quality research has been conducted on this subject during the past 40 years, the link between high-sodium diets and negative health effects has become more tenuous, not more certain."


Big Labor

Minnesota State Governor Mark Dayton has come under recent fire for his ties to major unions.

Policy Analyst Trey Kovacs comments.

"Since 2005, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) and Service Employees International Union (SEIU) have been trying to organize child care providers Minnesota. Associated Press found that AFSCME wrote a $125,000 check to Gov. Dayton’s Recount Fund once restrictive campaign contribution limits ceased. Combined AFSCME and SEIU PACs contributed $14,000 to Dayton during his campaign. The Minnesota Family Council calculates that Big Labor stands to gain up to $3.3 million a year in dues from unionizing child care providers."


CEI Podcast

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