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Spending, Lemonade Stands, and the Regulation of the Day

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Spending, Lemonade Stands, and the Regulation of the Day

Today in the News


Many Congressmen are frustrated about spending cuts agreed to in the final debt ceiling deal.

Policy Analyst Hans Bader comments.

"Even after the modest reductions in spending resulting from Sunday’s deal to raise the federal debt ceiling, the federal government will still spend $3.5 trillion in 2012 — compared to $2.9 trillion in 2008. But Congressman Mike Doyle (D-Pa.) had a big tantrum yesterday that the spending won’t be even bigger: 'We have negotiated with terrorists,' an angry Doyle said. Referring to the Tea Party, he lamented that 'This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money.' (The Tea Party doesn’t control either House of Congress; Democrats control the Senate.)"


Lemonade Stands

Iowa girl Abigail Krutsinger had a run-in with the police when she set up a lemonade stand by the side of the road.

Fellow in Regulatory Studies Ryan Young comments.

"[The lemonade stand] was a way to help out thirsty bikers, make a little bit of money, and learn a little something about running a business. Classic Americana. In another display of classic Americana, police quickly shut her down. Abigail never applied for a permit and a health inspection. This is not an isolated incident. Similar crackdowns have happened in Wisconsin, Georgia, Oregon, and Maryland, and New York. Will there be more?"


Regulation of the Day

Fellow if Regulatory Studies Ryan Young presents another "Regulation of the Day."