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The Stimulus, Childcare, and Fred Weekly

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The Stimulus, Childcare, and Fred Weekly

Today in the News


The Congressional Budget Office admits that the stimulus will hurt the economy in the long run.

Senior Counsel Hans Bader explains.

"Much stimulus money has been wasted.  It has gone to prisoners and dead people, wasteful welfare spending, abandoned bridges to nowhere, and unnecessary government buildings. The stimulus subsidized foreign green jobs and wiped out jobs in America’s export sector."



Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has ordered the unionization of childcare workers.

Policy Analyst Trey Kovacs comments.

"Gov. Dayton’s Executive Order is legally tenuous and excludes a majority of child care providers from the voting process. First and foremost, Gov. Dayton’s executive powers do not extend to mandating union elections. Considering that child care providers are independent small business owners, they are not even subject to collective bargaining arrangements."


Fred Weekly

Watch CEI President Fred Smith's latest vodcast here. This week's topic is "Giving Thanks for Capitalism."