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Student Loan Debt and Free-Market Lessons for America

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Student Loan Debt and Free-Market Lessons for America

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STUDENT LOAN DEBT - HANS BADER Student Loans Drive Up Tuition, Create Demographic Time Bomb and Higher-Education Bubble

When the government increases financial aid spending, it drives up college tuition, as I noted recently in the Washington Post, and as economists like Andrew Gillen have found. The same conclusion has been reached by many researchers and academics. When the higher-education bubble pops, taxpayers will be on the hook for countless billions of dollars (many graduates already are not repaying their student loans).

Law students now routinely graduate with debts of well over $100,000 just for law school, not counting what they borrowed for their undergraduate studies. Yet much of what law students learn is useless drivel, as I can attest from my time at Harvard Law School, and as news stories in the New York Times and other papers illustrate. > Read the full commentary on


IF I WANTED AMERICA TO FAIL - BILL FREZZA If I Wanted America to Fail: Free Market Agitprop With a Lesson

If I Wanted America to Fail, can be best described as a pithy five-minute antidote to Al Gore's ponderous and plodding film, An Inconvenient Truth. Written and narrated by a young Floridian political activist named Ryan Houck from an organization named Free Market America, the piece is loosely modeled on Paul Harvey's famous 1965 radio sermon "If I Were the Devil."

I recommend you invest the four minutes and 39 seconds it takes to watch this video, even if you are a radical environmentalist. Especially if you are a radical environmentalist. Because this guy is your worst nightmare. Ignore him at your peril.