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Union In-Fighting, Obama Energy Grade, and a Tanning Ban

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Union In-Fighting, Obama Energy Grade, and a Tanning Ban

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Washington Examiner:AFSCME leadership fight will shape public employee union future

There is an immensely significant power struggle brewing at the highest echelons of the 1.6 million-member American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, one of the largest and most powerful labor organizations in the country.

Danny Donohue, president of the New York State Civil Service Employees Association, and union Secretary-Treasurer Lee Saunders are competing to succeed retiring AFSCME President Gerry McEntee. At stake: The future of AFSCME's political giving. 


OBAMA ENERGY POLICY - HANS BADER Energy Secretary Gives Himself Stellar Grade of A- for 85% Failure Rate

Despite the hundreds of millions of dollars lost in the Solyndra scandal, Energy Secretary Steven Chu gave himself “an A-” when he “testified before Congress after a series of bankruptcies from companies floated by green-tech stimulus loans” and was asked what “grade he would give himself as a steward of public funds.” But it turns out that Chu’s Energy Department was much more reckless in its lending decisions than the private lenders that the Obama Administration has blamed for the financial crisis.


NANNY STATE - MICHELLE MINTON Rhode Island’s Tanning Ban Could Backfire

Last week the Rhode Island Senate approved a measure banning the use of tanning salons for patrons under 18 years old. While I don’t dispute the health risks presented by tanning booths and beds, Rhode Island’s outright ban will not stop motivated teens from getting a tan and the alternate methods could result in greater damage. Furthermore, the decision to tan or not to tan ought to be made between parents and their children.