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  • Ben Lieberman Presents on Kigali Amendment to Food Equipment Manufacturers

    Monday, May 20, 2019 10:00 am to 12:30 pm
    NAFEM Technical Liaison Committee
    2301 S Lake Shore Drive
    Chicago, IL 60616
    United States
  • Host Committee Reception with Chairman Ajit Pai

    The Host Committee Reception is the exclusive kickoff celebration for CEI’s 35th Anniversary Dinner and Reception. As we approach our biggest event of the year, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank the members of our Host Committee whose support and promotion make it possible.

    This reception will feature remarks by Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai. As Chairman, Pai has ushered in a wave of sound regulatory reform encouraging Internet freedom and market competition.

    Tuesday, May 7, 2019 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
    1310 L Street NW
    Washington, DC 20005
    United States
  • Marc Scribner Speaks at Transportation Research Forum's 60th Annual Forum

    Marc Scribner, Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, will appear on a panel at the 60th Annual Forum of the Transportation Research Forum. His presentation will cover the current status of federal, state, and local regulation of automated vehicles.

    Friday, May 3, 2019 10:15 am to 12:00 pm
    60th Annual Forum of the Transportation Research Forum
    1001 16th St. N.W.
    Washington, DC 20036
    United States
  • 2019 APEE Conference: Rule of Flaw and the Cost of Coercion: The Neglected Burdens of the Administrative State

    Friday, April 5, 2019 12:00 am to Monday, April 8, 2019 12:00 am
    Nassau Atlantic Paradise Island
  • The Consumer Connection: The FCC's Role in Speeding Broadband Deployment

    Join us on Thursday, April 4th for an informative and interesting luncheon discussion on the interaction of franchise fees and broadband deployment.

    A panel of experts will discuss the FCC’s efforts to reaffirm the federal framework for broadband infrastructure. Topics to be covered include the impact this will have on consumers and on broadband deployment, the harm of excessive franchise fees, and the historical context of the Commission’s current look at these issues.

    Thursday, April 4, 2019 11:30 am
    The Loft at 600 F
    600 F Street Northwest
    Washington, DC 20004
    United States
  • Fintech, Tokens, & Private Currency: Why Everything Old is New Again

    John Berlau speaking to Rusty Blues

    Wednesday, April 3, 2019 12:00 pm
    Terrance Room of Normandie Farm restaurant
    10710 Falls Road
    Potomac, MD 20854
    United States
  • CEI Lunch Briefing: Busting Trustbusters Since 1984

    Join CEI experts for a lunch discussion about encouraging freedom and innovation through antitrust reform. Calls on Capitol Hill for increased antitrust scrutiny have been fanned by recent administration challenges to mergers, related criticism of big tech, and the rise of so-called 'hipster antitrust.' While the players may be new, the principles remain the same. Antitrust regulations restrict the rights of individuals to determine with whom and under what circumstances they wish to deal. There's also no such thing as a permanent and assured dominant market position unless the government guarantees it. In the end, the cost of antitrust regulation is the innovation that it prevents.

    Wednesday, March 27, 2019 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
    2 Constitution Ave NE
    Washington, DC 20002
    United States
  • The Cost of Doing Nothing: Why Investment in our Nation's Airports Matters

    Marc Scribner testifying

    Tuesday, March 26, 2019 10:00 am to 11:30 am
    House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee
    Capitol Visitors Center
    First St NE
    Washington, DC 20515
    United States
  • Our Nation's Crumbling Infrastructure and the Need for Immediate Action

    Marc Scribner testifying

    Wednesday, March 6, 2019 10:30 am
    House Committee on Ways and Means
    1100 Longworth House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515
    United States
  • How to Use Technology to Advance Policy

    Friday, March 1, 2019 11:00 am to 12:00 pm
    201 Waterfront Street
    National Harbor, MD 20745
    United States


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