CEI’s internship program seeks young, professional students committed to furthering the ideas of libertarian principles, limited government, free markets, and individual liberty.  Our internship program is open to interested undergraduates, college students and recent college graduates.  CEI hosts a wide variety of internship rolls.  These include policy research, government affairs work, fundraising & development, communications, media relations, IT and legal work.  When applying, please specify which of these rolls you are interested in exploring and why.  

What makes our internship unique?

One: We pair interns with CEI experts and staff members for a direct mentorship experience.  CEI desires interns to form professional working relationships, learning from our staffs’ expertise and establishing lasting connections.   

Two: We offer flexibility is scheduling.  While CEI prefers applicants who are able to work Monday through Friday, CEI is happy to work around an intern’s timetable.  

Three: CEI’s program is an educational experience.  The goal is to give our interns meaningful work to further their careers.  We offer Brown Bag Discussions and professional advice to help expand an intern’s knowledge base and offer them new skills.

Four: Those interested in policy, government affairs, and legal work have the opportunity to publish their own research projects under CEI’s name.  This includes blog posts and occasionally op-eds.  Non-policy interns have the opportunity to write donor proposals, draft letters, craft radio pitches, and learn other communication skills that are critical to CEI’s success.   

Five: Proactive, exceptional interns are given freedom to shape their program and explore other opportunities at CEI.  Developing one’s own research project or helping to establish new processes at CEI are encouraged.  

Experiences Offered

Policy Interns – Policy interns are assigned to work with one or two policy analysts for the duration of their internship.  Interns have the opportunity to research important policy issues which include but are not limited to economics, regulation, tech, energy & environment, health care, antitrust, transportation, and legal policy.  Please click here for a more thorough analysis of CEI’s many issue areas.  Those who apply are expected to have strong writing, research, and analytical skills.

Non-Policy Interns – Non-policy interns are assigned to work with one or more staff members for the duration of their internship.  While research and writing are necessary, interns are primarily focused on growing their development, operations, technical, WEB design, and administrative skills with our Fundraising, Communication, IT, and Government Affairs positions.  

Contact Person

Intern Coordinator

[email protected]


CEI offers both paid and unpaid internships.  Upon being interviewed, exceptional applicants may be offered a stipend.  CEI may offer a stipend to students so long as the following criteria are met.

  • Interns cannot be paid by an outside source for their participation in the internship program.
  • They are not receiving academic credit for CEI’s intern program.
  • Interns applying to CEI through one of our partner organizations will not be considered for a stipend.

Partnership with Charles Koch Institute

The Competitive Enterprise Institute is a partner organization for the Charles Koch Institute’s professional education programs.  Applicants can participate in one of CKI’s semester-long internship or fellowship program while working at CEI.  The Charles Koch Institute currently provides a stipend for Summer, Fall, and Spring applicants.  


CEI does not provide interns with housing.  Prospective interns, however, have several housing options.  Washington Intern Student Housing provides year-round accommodations, and Georgetown University, George Washington University, and American University offer summer intern housing.  If you need more information, please contact the Intern Coordinator. 

Application Materials & Submission

Submit your resume as a PDF or Word document to [email protected].  CEI’s Intern Coordinator will contact you within 1 to 5 business days.  Cover letter and a brief writing sample may be required.