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NASA orders a review of climate data after an independent researcher discovers that 1934 – not 1998 as previously believed – was the hottest year on record in the U.S.  

CEI Expert Available to Comment: Senior Fellow Iain Murray on the nature of record temperatures:

Record temperatures — hot and cold — are set every day around the world; that’s the nature of records. Statistically, any given place will see four record high temperatures set every year. There is evidence that daytime high temperatures are staying about the same as for the last few decades, but nighttime lows are gradually rising. Global warming might be more properly called, “Global less cooling."



U.S. cities confront the peak summer season for transmission of West Nile virus.  

CEI Expert Available to Comment: Director of Risk & Environmental Policy Angela Logomasini on the fight between public health officials and environmental activists over West Nile prevention:

Ever since the mosquito-transmitted West Nile Virus appeared in New York City during 1999, environmental activists have been fighting efforts to keep the disease under control.  Not only have they battled against any spraying for adult mosquitoes, they have also fought methods to manage mosquito larvae.  These groups maintain that the control methods are more dangerous than the diseases they seek to control.



The Democratic leadership falls short of promises to rein in “earmark” spending on pet projects for legislators’ home districts.

CEI Expert Available to Comment: Adjunct Scholar Doug Bandow on the state of pork barrel spending in the current Congress:

During the 2006 congressional campaign Democrats denounced the Republican majority for its wastrel ways. It was a fair criticism: the GOP lavished money on pork as well as entitlements. There was, it seemed, no program which the Republicans didn’t want to increase! Now the Democrats are in charge, and, well, nothing much has changed. The symbol of congressional waste and corruption is the earmark, an appropriation typically directed by one legislator to a major constituent or campaign contributor. Alas, the supposedly reformist Democrats have joined ranks with the supposedly reformed Republicans to support every earmark that comes to a vote.


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