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The Competitive Enterprise Institute Daily Update

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The Competitive Enterprise Institute Daily Update

Issues in the News



The Senate votes today on major energy legislation.

From CEI: Director of Global Warming & International Environmental Policy Myron Ebell on the wisdom of the Senate in voting down global warming amendments to the energy bill.



The Supreme Court rules on two key cases involving the tech sector: a decision on cable companies in FCC v. Brand X and one on online file sharing in Grokster v. M.G.M.

From CEI: Technology Counsel Braden Cox on the implications of both decisions.


3. BIOTECHNOLOGY          

The World Health Organization issues a new report on the safety of genetically modified foods.

From CEI: Director of Food Safety Policy Gregory Conko and Adjunct Fellow Dr. Henry I. Miller on the involvement of the UN and WHO in the excessive and unscientific regulation of biotechnology.