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The Competitive Enterprise Institute Daily Update

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The Competitive Enterprise Institute Daily Update


In the wake of the US Supreme Court decision that P2P firm Grokster could be held liable for aiding digital piracy, Dell and Napster have teamed up to offer discounted computers, software, and digital music for U.S. college students, with the University of Washington volunteering to be the first institution to try out the service.

CEI Expert Available for Comment: CEI Adjunct James Plummer argues in favor of allowing the marketplace, not government regulators, to protect copyrights in the digital age.



As the Gulf States wait for Hurricane Dennis, climate alarmists are yet again pointing out a supposed link between extreme weather conditions—typhoons, hurricanes, etc—and climate change.

CEI Expert Available for Comment: Director of Global Warming Policy Myron Ebell explains why the alarmism is unnecessary on Lou Dobbs Tonight.



As President Bush tells fellow G8 attendees that he will not change his stance on dealing with climate change, some U.S. companies and state governments cave in to global warming alarmists.

CEI Expert Available for Comment: Senior Fellow Iain Murray on the State Attorneys General’s global warming lawsuit against utility companies.



Just how secure are the federal government’s computers? Some experts say they are still vulnerable to critical attacks.

CEI Expert Available for Comment: Vice President for Policy Clyde Wayne Crews examines why the marketplace should be the venue for developing new weapons for promoting cybersecurity. Crews also investigates why commercial sector “regulation” of anonymity—rather than government intervention— can help with the battle over cybersecurity.