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The Competitive Enterprise Institute Daily Update

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The Competitive Enterprise Institute Daily Update

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Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta warns Amtrak that federal funds may not be available to bail the company out of a projected $40 million loss before the end of the year.

From CEI: Senior Fellow Iain Murray takes a lesson from the British experience with deregulation in advising how Amtrak should be privatized in a recent study.



The World Health Organization has passed a resolution advising that infant formula carry health warnings to guard against bacterial infection.

From CEI: Adjunct Fellow Dr. Henry I. Miller on the anti-corporate motivation behind attacks on infant formula.



Time profiles finance giant JP Morgan Chase as a case study of how banking firms are increasingly capitulating to demands of environmental activists.   

From CEI: Adjunct Fellow Steven Milloy on how shareholder resolutions are used to target JP Morgan Chase and similar corporations.