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The Competitive Enterprise Institute Daily Update

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A government report out of the UK predicts dire economic consequences from global warming.

CEI Expert Available to Comment: Director of Energy Policy Myron Ebell on why we should be skeptical about the report’s conclusions:


“The report’s estimates for reducing greenhouse gas emissions are laughably rosy, while the assumptions about the impacts of global warming are ridiculously overblown. The Stern Review may look professionally done, but it doesn't pass the laugh test.”




KFC, under pressure from public health groups, makes a move to soybean-based frying oil.

CEI Expert Available to Comment: Adjunct Analyst Steven Milloy on the low-fat diet myth:   


“The widely-believed notion that low-fat diets are good for your health went ‘poof’ this week—although the busting of that myth shouldn’t be news to regular readers of this column. Low-fat diets didn’t reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, colorectal cancer or invasive breast cancer, according to three large studies published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association.”




Two U.S. senators try to pressure ExxonMobil into cutting off funding to non-profit groups they disagree with.

CEI Expert Available to Comment: Director of Risk & Environmental Policy Angela Logomasini on the surprising patterns of corporate philanthropy:


“Big business primarily supports right-wing advocacy groups, right? Think again. A recent report from the Capital Research Center shows Fortune 100 corporate foundations give overwhelmingly to liberal groups. In fact, in the sample year studied (2001), these corporate foundations gave 14 times more money to liberal causes than business-friendly ones.”  



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