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The Competitive Enterprise Institute Daily Update

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Researchers suggest a link between climate change and increased rates of malaria infection in Africa.

CEI Expert Available to Comment: Senior Fellow Iain Murray sets the record straight on malaria and global warming:


“Climate is not a significant factor in the recent growth of vector-borne diseases such as malaria. Most experts on this subject agree that other factors are much

more important in predicting future spread of these diseases.”



The National Press Club holds a Newsmaker discussion on U.S. preparations for a possible influenza pandemic.

CEI Experts Available to Comment: Adjunct Fellow Dr. Henry I. Miller on what’s standing in the way of better flu precautions:

“Vaccination to prevent viral and bacterial diseases is modern medicine's most cost-effective intervention. Vaccines to prevent the expected avian flu pandemic could save the lives of millions—if vaccine R&D were not in such a sorry state, as the result of an unfortunate confluence of biology and public policy.”



The European Union’s trade commissioner rejects a plan to tax exports from countries that haven’t ratified the Kyoto Protocol.

CEI Expert Available to Comment: Senior Fellow Christopher Horner on the history of the conflict between Europe and the World Trade Organization over global warming policy:


“The World Trade Organization claims its ‘overriding purpose is to help trade flow as freely as possible’ by eliminating economic barriers to increased productivity, trade and global economy. Kyoto, on the other hand, restricts energy-use emissions and penalizes parties who refuse to abide by energy-use edicts. Energy use is a solid measure of economic activity. Despite being wrapped in ‘green,’ therefore, Kyoto is in reality an economic instrument. Kyoto's advocates expressly deny the connection between quality of life, or satisfaction, and increasing gross national product. This represents the antithesis of globalization.”