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Nuclear Power, AmeriCorps Fraud, and Climate Change 'Denial'

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Nuclear Power, AmeriCorps Fraud, and Climate Change 'Denial'


The Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future has drawn public ire for their decisions regarding nuclear power.

CEI Expert Available to Comment:  Vice President Iain Murray on why the public should be involved in nuclear decisions.

“There is a high level of public skepticism over the feasibility of wind and solar power on a grand scale. That means the public is open to learning more about nuclear power.  The Commission has the opportunity to get valuable input into its decisions from the public at large. Such public involvement is essential for the Commission’s final report to gain public legitimacy and acceptance.”



President Obama is firing an inspector general who uncovered fraud at AmeriCorps.

CEI Expert Available to Comment: Senior Counsel Hans Bader on why Gerald Walpin was fired for his criticism of an Obama crony.

“But when Walpin recently exposed wrongdoing by a prominent Obama supporter, Kevin Johnson, Obama moved to fire Walpin. Walpin protested the Administration’s failure to hold Johnson, a liberal mayor, accountable for using taxpayer money to pay for ‘political activities’ and pay volunteers to run ‘personal errands for’ Johnson ‘and even wash his car.’”



Nature Medicine magazine publishes the names of “vocal climate change denialists.”

CEI Expert Available to Comment: Adjunct Scholar Michael Fumento on why the word denialism should not be used to describe alternative views on climate change.

“‘Denialist’ is an ad hominem argument, the meaning of which is defined entirely by the user, intended to discredit the accused without evidence. Scudellari’s charge illustrates this. ‘Fumento claims embryonic stem cell research is both ‘a dead end’, fueled by a greedy lobby, and dangerous, despite evidence from animal studies suggesting its promise,’ she writes.”