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Unseen Stimulus, E-waste Abroad and Pelosi's Private Jet

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Unseen Stimulus, E-waste Abroad and Pelosi's Private Jet

1. BUSINESS profiles Americans receiving benefits from the economic stimulus package.

CEI Expert Available to Comment: Regulatory Studies Fellow Ryan Young on the other side of the stimulus coin

“All of these people clearly benefited from the stimulus package. But where did their free money come from? To help these fortunate people, others had to be hurt. Where are the stories about them? When will we see a story about a company that was unable to raise job-creating capital because government bonds necessitated by stimulus debt ate up precious investor dollars? When will we see a story about a job that was never created because the government decided to take that money and use it on Sara Kelley’s civil engineering job?” 



International agencies weigh in on the issue of “e-waste” – trash generated from discarded electronic equipment.

CEI Expert Available to Comment: Director of Risk and Environmental Policy Angela Logomasini on efforts to ban e-waste disposal in developing nations: 

“Clearly we should investigate the extent of waste management problems and support policies to help address them. But the best policies will be the ones that worked for us: growth enhancing policies. Although it may seem counter-intuitive in this case, trade the best solution because it’s a critical vehicle for wealth creation. To sum it up, developing nations don’t have the same environmental standards as we do for the same reasons they don’t have the same labor standards—they are too poor. Keeping them poor will only keep them poor! That’s hardly a policy for progress!” 



Democrats in Congress plan to spend $200 million on Gulfstream jets so that members of Congress can travel in luxury.

CEI Expert Available to Comment: Senior Attorney Hans Bader on the hypocrisy and waste of the purchase: 

“Congress plans to spend $200 million on luxury jets for liberal House leaders, even though it earlier denounced the automakers for having corporate jets, and even though the luxury jets the House plans to buy emit vast amounts of pollution and greenhouse gases. Now they’ll be able to go on foreign junkets and hob-nob with wealthy lobbyists in style.” 


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