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Al Gore PR Campaign Targeted by CEI TV Ad

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Al Gore PR Campaign Targeted by CEI TV Ad

Counter to Gore’s $300M Global Warming Alarmism Project

D.C., April 2, 2008—The Competitive Enterprise Institute is re-launching a national advertising
campaign on the threat to affordable energy posed by Al Gore’s global warming
agenda. The ad, which begins airing April 4, responds to the ads
produced by Gore’s Alliance
for Climate Protection, which start April 2nd.

campaign attempts to build support for policies that would restrict energy
through higher prices and reduced supplies.
CEI’s ad contrasts Gore’s energy-consuming lifestyle
with the life-and-death need for energy in developing countries.

“Global warming activists warn us
about the alleged threat of global warming, but say nothing about the much more
immediate risks of global warming policies,” said CEI General Counsel Sam Kazman. “Restricting access to affordable
energy is a sure recipe for more poverty, disease and human misery around the

CEI’s new round of television ads will start off in Dallas, Denver, Sacramento, Tulsa and Washington, D.C.
In Washington,
the ads will run during broadcasts of Washington Nationals baseball games.

“We think that a sport played regularly under
floodlights has fans who'll appreciate the importance of electricity,” said

CEI previously stirred
international controversy in 2006 with a pair of CEI ads on global warming
alarmism, which carried the tagline “CO2: They Call It Pollution; We Call It

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