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Pressure Group Censors Anti-Gore Ad on YouTube

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Pressure Group Censors Anti-Gore Ad on YouTube

Electric Co-op Group Ignores ‘Fair Use’, Claims Copyright Infringement Over Seven Seconds of Footage

Washington, D.C., March 25, 2008—A new anti-Gore ad produced by the Competitive
Enterprise Institute has been censored by the National Rural Electric
Cooperative Association. The association
claims copyright infringement over seven seconds of footage in the ad—footage
which was taken from a documentary that the Association itself posted on
YouTube. A “takedown” notice by the association
led to the ad being yanked off YouTube over the weekend. CEI has since put the ad on its own website.

CEI’s public service ad on
the importance of affordable energy was unveiled on March 11. The ad documents the hypocrisy of jet-setting
global warming alarmists who advise others to reduce their energy use and points
out the vital need for more energy in the developing world. The ad, which aired
in a dozen cities in the last two weeks, comes just before Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate
Protection launches a $100 million ad campaign for his global warming
proposals. Electric co-ops receive
massive government subsidies, and the association’s move appears motivated by
global warming politics.

“NRECA’s claim of copyright
infringement is without merit,” said Competitive
Enterprise Institute General Counsel Sam
. “Our use of this miniscule amount of material – from a film which
NRECA itself posted on YouTube and distributes freely –meets every criterion of
Fair Use. It seems the association’s
real goal is not to protect its copyright, but to protect its politically
correct image on global warming.”

James V. DeLong,
noted intellectual property scholar and Vice President of the Convergence Law Institute, stated of
NRECA: “They’re trying to suppress important political speech, which lies
at the core of Fair Use.”

The suppressed ad, “Gore’s
Light Bulbs,” is again available online.


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