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Court Ruling Against Soda Warning Labels Praised by CEI Experts

Today, a federal appeals court blocked a San Francisco law mandating health warning labels on ads for soda and other sugary drinks, saying the law violates speech protected by the First Amendment. The court issued a preliminary injunction that stops the ordinance from taking effect, at least for now. CEI experts praised the ruling, criticizing both the policy of labeling mandates and the First Amendment implications of accepting forced speech when applied only to specific groups.

Science Shows that it's Not Really Green to Ban Plastic Bags

As if grocery shopping weren’t enough of a hassle, it’s about to become even more inconvenient in New York — for no good reason.

State lawmakers may soon cave to the anti-plastic craze by passing a statewide plastic bag ban. In its zeal to jump on the anti-plastic bandwagon, the Legislature would force consumers to use alternatives that use up more resources and have been shown to endanger public health.

Unfounded E-Cigarette Panic Puts Public Health at Risk

E-cigarettes pose a tiny percent of the risk of cigarette smoking, just 1 percent to 5 percent according to authorities like the United Kingdom government. That could mean the difference between life and death for the half million Americans and 7 million people worldwide who die of smoking-related illness every year.

Even if it turns out that e-cigarettes convey small long-term risks, those products should remain an option for smokers who haven’t been able to kick their more deadly habit and haven’t had luck with prescription drugs, patches, gums or lozenges.

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