Center for Economic Freedom

Center for Economic Freedom

Center Director: Iain Murray

The Center for Economic Freedom works to ensure that voluntary economic transactions remain free from government coercion and control.  We work tirelessly to beat back attacks on these freedoms from bureaucrats and nanny-state busybodies, and to expand the orbit of voluntary arrangements in the economy—including banking and finance, labor, insurance, the freedom to take risks as an entrepreneur or a consumer of alcohol, international trade and development, transportation, and many others.  We aim for a world where the rights and benefits of free transactions are recognized, respected and protected.

Center for Economic Freedom Experts

  • John Berlau

    Senior Fellow

    John Berlau is a senior fellow at CEI. He specializes in the impact of public policy on entrepreneurship and the investing public.

  • Aloysius Hogan

    Senior Fellow

    Aloysius is a Senior Fellow specializing in labor and employment policy.

  • Trey Kovacs

    Policy Analyst

    Trey Kovacs is a Policy Analyst at CEI. He focuses on economic impacts of labor and finance policy. His research areas include public sector unions, labor policy reform, and employer rights.

  • Michelle Minton


    Michelle Minton is CEI’s Fellow specializing in consumer policy, FDA regulation of non-pharmaceuticals, alcohol regulation, food and beverage regulation, and internet gambling.

  • Iain Murray

    Vice President for Strategy

    Iain Murray is Vice President for Strategy at CEI. He is the author of several best-selling books on environmental policy and specializes in energy, environment, finance, trade, and science and technology policy.

  • Ivan Osorio

    Editorial Director

    Ivan Osorio’s is CEI's Editorial Director, as well as writing extensively on labor issues and the new economy.