Most Americans share a desire for greater prosperity and well-being for our children and grandchildren. We wish for them to enjoy even more opportunity, and the freedom to pursue their dreams … to pursue the American Dream. The principles of limited government, free enterprise, and individual liberty open the door for anyone and everyone to achieve it.

These principles have driven exponential increases in opportunity and prosperity that were unfathomable just a few centuries ago, yet they are never certain to be preserved for the next generation. They will always face opponents set on eroding them in favor of overburdensome regulations that act as barriers to opportunity and cripple economic growth. CEI has been protecting these fundamental principles for four decades, and you can help us continue doing so for decades to come.

Members of CEI’s Legacy of Liberty Society share an appreciation for these principles, gratitude for the opportunities made available in their own pursuit of the American Dream, and hope that future generations will cut through more “Grand Opening” ribbons than government red tape.

If you would like to leave a legacy that will help ensure limited government, free enterprise, and individual liberty are protected for future generations, we invite you to join the Legacy of Liberty Society by including CEI in your will, estate, or legacy plans. Planning your legacy gift today can help preserve prosperity and opportunity for tomorrow’s generations.

Possible legacy gifts include:

Make a Gift to CEI in Your Will – Ensure your principles for future generations and reduce taxable assets
Gift of Stock or Other Assets – Write off entire value, avoid capital gains taxes, and reduce amount of your taxable assets
Life Insurance Policy Designating CEI as a Beneficiary – Ensure your estate plan reflects your values and principles
Charitable Gift Annuity and Retirement Accounts Trust – Protect your assets, and pass your values to future generations

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