Center for Energy and Environment

Center for Energy and Environment

Center Director: Myron Ebell

CEI’s Center for Energy and Environment makes the positive case for abundant energy and promotes environmental policies based on economic freedom, property rights, and limited government.  We oppose policies based on the beliefs that prosperity threatens the environment, that the answer to every environmental challenge is more regulation, and that risks can be abolished by limiting human ingenuity.

Center for Energy and Environment Experts

  • Myron Ebell

    Director, Center for Energy and Environment

    Myron Ebell is director of energy and global warming policy at CEI and chairs the Cooler Heads Coalition.

  • Christopher C. Horner

    Senior Fellow

    As an attorney, Horner has represented CEI, scientists, and Members of the U.S. Congress on matters of environmental policy in the federal courts including the Supreme Court. He is the author of two best-selling books on global warming policy.

  • Marlo Lewis, Jr.

    Senior Fellow

    Marlo Lewis writes on global warming, energy policy, and public policy issues. His interests include the science, economics, and politics of global warming policy and the moral basis of free enterprise.

  • Angela Logomasini

    Senior Fellow

    Ms. Logomasini conducts research and analysis on environmental regulatory issues, environmental risk and consumer freedom. She is co-editor of CEI’s Environmental Source.

  • William Yeatman

    Senior Fellow

    William Yeatman is a Senior Fellow in Energy and Global Warming.