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Senators grill Google on consumer privacy concerns connected to the planned buyout of online advertising company DoubleClick. 


CEI Expert Available to Comment: Technology Policy Analyst on Cord Blomquist on why the DoubleClick deal should go forward:


“There are no concrete legal reasons to oppose this move by Google. The acquisition would actually make the market more competitive by allowing Google to compete with Yahoo in image-based advertising. As is the case with most criticism of acquisitions, facts and economic reality hardly influence regulators and Congress.”



Congress considers the national security impacts of global warming.


CEI Expert Available to Comment: Director of Global Warming Policy Myron Ebell on where the real threat lies:


“Global warming raises fewer serious national security concerns than do global warming policies. Putting the world on an energy diet that will make people poorer, and will hit poor people in poor countries the hardest, is a recipe for causing geopolitical instability and strife.”



The White House threatens to veto a new plan for federal wind insurance.

CEI Expert Available to Comment: Senior Fellow Eli Lehrer on the problems with the plan:


“Although I understand why Congress feels it needs to act on windstorm coverage, the bill before Congress just won’t work. Rather than saddling taxpayers with an enormous new liability, Congress should look at ways it can unleash market forces and let the private sector find creative solutions to the nation’s wind insurance crisis. I’m glad that the Bush administration has made its displeasure with the bill clear.”



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