CEI Weekly: EPA’s Utility MACT Is All Pain, No Gain

FEATURE: EPA’s Utility MACT Is All Pain, No Gain

The Senate is soon to vote on whether to overturn the EPA’s Utility MACT, which imposes costly new mercury regulations for coal-fired power plants. The EPA claims the regulations will protect the health of unborn children; but is that true? In a new study, CEI analysts Marlo Lewis, William Yeatman, and David Bier discuss the dubious benefits—and high costs–of the EPA’s Utility MACT. Read the study, All Pain and No Gain: The Illusory Benefits of the Utility MACT, here. Also, see:

>> Press release about the study

>> Marlo Lewis’ op-ed in Forbes, “Big Costs, Illusory Benefits: Why Congress Should Nix the Utility MACT”

>> William Yeatman’s “The Case Against EPA’s Utility MACT (in pictures)”

>> David Bier’s op-ed in The Washington Examiner, “EPA’s Phony Job Numbers”



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June 13, 2012: Smarter Transportation Funding

When the federal government gives out transportation funding to the states, they attach a lot of strings. The solution, according to Land-use and Transportation Policy Analyst Marc Scribner, is to get the federal government out of the transportation business and devolve it to the states. In the just-released CEI study “Fixing Surface Transportation in Massachusetts: A Path Forward under a Devolved Federal Funding Scenario,” Scribner argues that by following a user-pays, user-benefits principle, states can raise revenue and maintain infrastructure more efficiently than the federal government can.



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