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Why the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme Isn’t Working

Open Society, 9 August 2007

 NASA’s Global Warming Blunder

Daniel Dale, The Toronto Star, 14 August 2007

More on NASA’s Global Warming Blunder

Editorial, Washington Times, 15 August 2007

Eastern Europe Sues to Avoid EU Emissions Caps

Honor Mahony, Business Week, 1 August 2007

British Government Tries to Wiggle Out of EU Climate Agenda

Ashley Seager, Mark Milner, The Guardian, 13 August 2007

Climate Legislation To Cost 2 Trillion!

Alan Zibel, Associated Press, 13 August 2007

Across the States

ALEC’s Daniel Simmons

Global warming trumps economic growth in California, where California Attorney General Jerry Brown keeps busy by suing corporations and municipal governments that fail to address emissions reductions in their development strategies. Already, the AG has sued San Bernardino County for planning to grow without considering how growth affects its carbon footprint. Now Brown is scrutinizing Fresno County’s 23 year transportation plan. The 4.6 billion dollar plan, according to Brown, does not adequately fund public transportation, and therefore does not do enough to fight global warming.

Around the world

CEI’s Iain Murray

President Bush has moved his climate change summit from October to late September. This may represent an effort to help his ally Australian Prime Minister John Howard, who is under pressure on the issue in his General Election campaign. The USA now finds China to be a strong ally on the issue and the outcome of the summit may well be an agreement that each nation will develop its own way of dealing with global warming risks.

The UK government was embarrassed this week by the leak of a document that reveals it will find it hard to meet EU targets on renewable energy.  The document reveals just how far nations are willing to go to spin reforms of dubious climatic value into major achievements.

In the Home

CEI’s Julie Walsh

Beyond the showing of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth to the world’s school children, the indoctrination continues with Laurie David’s new book for nine to twelve year olds, marketed by Scholastic—The Down to Earth Guide to Global Warming.  Eric M. Jackson, president of World Ahead Media, who has previewed a copy, says that the book states global warming is undeniably caused by humans and that the children should take steps to protect our species from being destroyed by climate change. Does it come with a parent’s guide to choosing a children’s psychologist?

Issue of the week: Newsweek Symposium

The August 12 edition of Newsweek has a cover story about a supposed “well funded denial machine” that propagates lies about global warming to the public in order to inhibit climate change mitigation in America. As alleged members of this purported cabal, we can assure you that the article was pure hogwash. For more detailed rebuttals of the articles taste, tone and accuracy, follow the links below. Please note that a senior editor of Newsweek, Robert Samuelson, is among those who objected to the story.

International Business Daily

Meteorologist Craig James

Senator Inhofe’s Office

Newsweek’s Robert Samuelson

Boston Herald

CEI’s Myron Ebell

CEI’s Marlo Lewis

Action Item

Joel Schwartz of the John Locke Foundation, a State Policy Network Member in North Carolina, has published a “North Carolina Citizen’s Guide to Global Warming,” a primer on the science and economics of climate change meant to accessible to all citizens.

Mr. Schwartz is interested in expanding this effort. If your organization is interested in publicizing the effects of climate change and climate change mitigation policies, please let us know, so we can put you in touch with Mr. Schwartz. 

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