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Issues in the News


Communities in states such as Michigan, Florida, Texas and Virginia contemplate the end of passenger rail service on unprofitable Amtrak routes.   

From CEI: Senior Fellow Iain Murray on how Amtrak can be successfully privatized.  



A momentary power outage in Toronto echoes concerns about the reliability of North America’s electrical grids.

From CEI: Vice President for Policy Clyde Wayne Crews, Jr. and President Fred L. Smith, Jr. on the need to reform power plant regulations in the wake of the massive 2003 East Coast blackout.



The Washington Post urges the Justice Department not to prosecute the firm KPMG for illegal accounting maneuvers in the way that virtually destroyed onetime “Big Five” firm Arthur Anderson.

From CEI: Journalism Fellow John Berlau on the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in favor of Arthur Anderson.



Congress and the Federal Communications Commission contemplate how to re-allocate the broadcast spectrum to meet the requirements of new communications technologies.

From CEI: Charles G. Koch Foundation Fellow Daniel Corbett on how “new media” outlets are going to revolutionize the debate over media ownership.