5 Scariest Halloween Regulations


This monster regulation stands in the way of average Americans’ access to bank services. He came to life after being cobbled together in response to the 2007-2008 financial crisis. Dodd-Frankenstein was made out of good intentions, but the unintended consequences to small banks and main street have been devastating.


Labor Regulations (Zombie hoard)

These scary regulations turn jobs and opportunities into labor zombies. The Zombie hoard of Joint Employer Rule, Overtime Rule, Fiduciary Rule, and Ambush Elections all stand in the way of people who want to think, do, and work for themselves.


Clean Power Plan (Ghost)

Brrr — feel that eerie chill? This frightening regulation, the most expensive ever imposed on America’s power sector, could make it more difficult and costly to heat your homes. This unprecedented power grab could mean some scary utility bills and less reliable power.


Predatory Class Action Lawyers (Vampire)

Members in a class action lawsuit can have their settlements drained by vampiric class-action lawyers. Lawyers have an interest in their fees, defendants have an interest in cheaply disposing of a lawsuit, and the class’s interests can take a back seat in the process. After they’re done, these predatory lawyers leave behind some anemic settlements for the class.


Regulatory Dark Matter (Shadow/Boogeyman)

The scariest one on the list? You can’t see it at all. Regulatory dark matter is a Washington boogeyman. In 2015, there were 39 regulations for every one law passed by Congress. That’s a lot of rules made outside of Congress and without their authority. Spooky!