A Federal Register Growth Spurt, Third Day of Record-Breaking Streak

The Federal Register is on a roll. On Friday, it hit 75,314 pages, the 10th highest level of all time, even though more than two months remained in the year.

Then yesterday on Halloween, it stood at 75, 670 pages, the 9th highest “yearly” count of all time.

Setting records three days in a row, this morning the Register added 600 new pages, and so stands at the 8th highest ever level of 76,270 pages.

As the chart below shows, the next milestone is 77,687, which, at a pace of well over 1,000 pages weekly, will happen next week at the latest.

As we said yesterday here, this all calls for a countdown, so we’re doing one. The top 15 highest yearly Federal Register page counts appear in the chart below. Each day that the Obama count notches itself up the Top 10 countdown, we’ll post a new chart. Again, it’s now happened three days in a row.

Some notables here:

  • While the highest count ever was Barack Obama’s 81,405 pages in 2010, it is obvious that this figure will easily be surpassed, probably before December.
  • It will turn out to be the case that, of all the Top Ten counts, seven of them are going to belong to President Obama.
  • High counts appearing for prior presidents are Bush (79,435); Clinton (74,258); Carter (73,258).