A salute to coal mining

In today’s Investor’s Business Daily, CEI’s Iain Murray tells about his first-hand experience with coal-mining and salutes the miners and the mine owners for the brave and necessary work that they do.  As Iain notes:

“Coal mining is a difficult job, just as it was in my grandfather’s time. The conditions are harsh and danger is ever present, which is why the wages for coal miners are often the best-paying jobs in many regions. Because of the remoteness of many mines, coal mining is central to most mining communities, rather than just one industry among many. Close the mines abruptly and those communities die.”

“Indeed, God bless the people of Montcoal, W.Va., and similar communities around the world. The perilous work they do underpins the work the rest of us do, and makes our nation richer, safer and freer. For that they should be remembered not as victims, but heroes.”

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